David Sullivan | Wedding Organist in Ayrshire and Glasgow

David Sullivan has been the full-time organist at Cumnock Congregational Church for over 30 years.

In that time he has performed the bridal music for over 500 marriage ceremonies, playing both the church organ and the piano and/or electric piano at hotel venues.


Here he plays the popular bridal march by Mendelssohn.

Some Tips for Your Wedding Music

1. Arrange a meeting with the organist well in advance of the big day. Don’t leave your wedding music to the last minute, but consider seeking out some expert advice well in advance. Give the organist some time to practise the music if it is unfamiliar, and to recommend suggestions that you might not have thought about.

2. If you aren’t sure which music you would like, do some research on the Internet – youtube is a great resource for this; try searching for ‘wedding march’, ‘hymns for marriage ceremony’ etc. Take along a list of possible choices to your meeting with the organist. He/she will should be able to play them through with you and highlight any potential problems (such as whether the key is too high for congregational singing, or there are too many verses). For more information on how to avoid pitfalls and prepare well for your appointment with the organ player and/or other musicians, see David’s book ‘Your Wedding Music

3.If you are not familiar with the church venue, make sure you factor in some time for a rehearsal of the bridal marches – the entry into the church and the exit after the ceremony. An hour or so spent in rehearsal is time well-spent to avoid mistakes in the actual service and to arrange signals to coordinate the bridal procession.